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   When you step into a creative and productive artistic world of Suzana Gigic, you have come into a place of variety and diversity; And truly so not just  for techniques and materials in which she is approving herself, driven strictly by her own creative sensibility, but also for variety of ideas ensuing from the search for themes and motives. In this search for the right way to express herself, she is easily transmitting her inner world, with the help of wanton, row desire and urge, into wood, paper, copper and panel.
  Fully self-taught and, by her own recognition, driven only by the inner feeling and artistic intuition, she marched gradually at the beginning, just to make her steps towards the process of creation more safe and secure in time. She realizes that this is a world of eternal game and play, ground much pleasant and known to her since ever. That game gave rise to a numerous works of art - all different but with one basic, characteristic, lyric and especially feminine note. There are spirits of past times scarping through her aquarelles showing ladies in hats and scarves, but also strong and impressive colors close to nowadays fashion. Fiction characters and the need to magnify the beauty of the nature (both the nearest one in the garden, and the one which is distant and threatened by disappearance) in all its glory and to carry it out in a larger format - those are the themes which occupy her while painting. There is yet another feature of her artistic expression - a very accentuated line. She claims that she has the need for pure and clear line in her work, a part of her own character from which she could not escape even if she wanted to.
  Perfectionist by nature, she also patiently builds her own artistic opus around a range of objects in the applied art domain. Light, as a base of life, fascinates her and she admits that she has constantly been trying to transform, break and make it useful in everyday life. She wishes that what is regular and unnoticed for all of us be turned, by apostrophizing, into the unusual, noticed, a part of the interior that leaves us without words. In a sea of monotony, she wishes to make the light  “important” part of the interior. That is why she creates “story-telling” lamps. They communicate to you and to the surrounding ambient. Lamp as a functional part of furniture retains its function, but in the new role, it has multiple meanings and is almost “sculptural”. It gives a new seal to the environment and inspires to contemplation. Pure aesthetics and beauty framed and art invited to a tournament with space. It is a big step for regular simple lightning…isn’t it?
  Several newspapers wrote about her, weekly publication of “Politika” – Sundays “Magazin”, monthly advertiser of  Smederevo - “Mons”. She was a guest of a show “Creators of Smederevo”
   Born and grow up in the town of Smederevo (small town near Belgrade), she graduated from the Faculty for Special Education, and is now working in Smederevo Health Center, in the section for optometry and orthoptics, with children. She has simultaneously practiced her artistic “profession“. Her work has been exhibited on multiple group exhibitions, she has not yet had an independent one.

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